Thursday, 2 March 2017


(Wrote this poem outdoors hence the trees in this photograph.)

Contortion of the limbs between our eyes
Fluorescent lightbulbs haunt the ceiling
Where cigarette smoke folds and collides
With the unseen forcefulness of youth

Precarious loiterer, trace the amethyst blade
Of my shoulder, move me through decades
Of shit music, short skirts and jelly shots
Where secrecy becomes instantly obliterated

Fragmentised picnics on velvet stars
Candle lit fighting, anxious kisses perused
Through the crepe paper of your skin, I am
Delighted I have been acquainted with your bones

Nose cringes against the hair gel and aftershave
Of a preadolescent puppet who admires the
Fading adaptation to trends and style
Drifting through life’s void asking no questions

The pounding of a heart stitches up my ears
Beads of water secrete through the pours
Of a wavering existence until all that
Remains is a beautiful extinction and stale coffee.


The Emerald Dove said...

This is so beautiful! Definitely would love to read more of your poetry! I used to write poetry on my blog

kateleaht said...

Thank you! I have uploaded some more on my blog under the writing tab! I love writing poetry. The escapism of it.

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