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I am writing this sat outside under the rays of hot spring sunshine, sipping on some water and feeling super happy. The weather has been absolutely beautiful in England over the past three days; I still have my coat close by in case it starts raining!! As Spring rapidally approaches and the daffodils start to come out in the garden, I am reminded that my skin needs some extra care and a bit of adaptation!

My skin is oily one day, dry the next, full of spots, then spotless. Normally my skin is badly behaved when I need to go somewhere and my make up ends up looking awful - literally. I have begun to change my skincare over the past three weeks and decided to share some of the products with you because some of them have been amazing (others are my old habits returning because I know they work and I trust the quality of them.) At the end they'll be some of my top tips on how I keep a spring in my step about my skin. (Get it, spring, I need coffee.)

Lush is a go to all year round for me. I love the products, I love how they make my skin feel and most of all I know that everything in them is going to benefit my skin in a positive and nurturing way, something I look for in any product I use.

For me the Rub Rub Rub Shower Scrub is my absolute favourite body exfoliator and it leaves me with beautiful, smooth skin and it smells amazing. It makes body moisturiser application easier and it helps to eradicate blemishes and dry skin. I also use this occasionally through my hair to add a tousled effect when I come out of the shower. My favourite thing about this though is that it lasts such a long time and I can use it whenever I wish to exfoliate my body.

The other product I have been loving from Lush is one of my old favourites and that is the Love and Light Hand Cream which is extremely hydrating and has a shine to it that adds definition to the hands. I love the feeling of it especially after a bath when my hands need some lovin too! I go back to this hand cream constantly and have fallen in love with it.

Clinique, for me, is one of the best skincare brands in the world. They cater to all skin types, their products are adaptable and gentle and they actually work. I recently received these Pep-Start testers (eye cream and exfoliating cleanser) in a gift bag I got for attending a Clinique event at Debenhams. I started using them straight away because my normal face wash wasn't working effectively. These products are completely revolutionary and have changed my entire routine. The eye cream particularly is so gentle yet has amazing moisturising qualities that allow for less creasing under the eyes when applying foundation and concealer and allowing for a soft and clean feeling around the eyes.

The next product is a staple. I think a lot of people use this. This is the Clinique Take the Day Off Make-up Remover that is incredible at removing all your eye make up (even waterproof) and any make up off your face. I never change my make up remover as it is reliable and does exactly what I want and leaves me feeling completely clean all over my skin, no trace of make up left. It's nice to take make up off at the end of the day (one of my favourite things) and it's good to know I have a trusty remover to do the hard work.

I have always used Simple products as they are trusty, affordable and do wonderful things to my skin and have always been great for my skin type. This is the Simple Kind to Skin Replenishing Rich Moisturiser that has always been in my collection, though I stopped using it when I bought a Clinique moisturiser. I have gone back to this one for Spring as it seems to work better in the weather that arrives with this time of the year and is less heavy whilst remaining effective.

The Superdrug Tea Tree Oil Toner and Cleanser is a new product that I have purchased in place of my Simple toner that was not working as well as it has been in the past. The tea tree oil toner has more off a harshness to it but not too much that it is not gentle. I've loved using it as it allows me to feel clean and fresh on my face and has made application of make up far easier.

I have so many tips and tricks for good skin but a few of them are:

  • Water is your friend. Drinking lots of water is such a good way to make skin healthy and soft and helps with skin development and maintenance. I have been making an extra effort to drink so much water throughout the week to allow my skin to blossom.
  • Diet. Diet is so important to me. Recently I started the Cambridge Diet and I saw a difference straight away. With the help of some fruit here and there I have seen vast changes to my skin.
  • Face Masks. A bit of pampering helps now and then and face masks are a fantastic way to revamp skin quickly and rejuvenate the cells.
  • Lastly, wearing less make up. On days where I don't need to I don't wear make up, allowing my skin to breath and feel less dehydrated. It's important for me to remember that, as I sit outside with a face full of make up!!
Thanks for reading guys. Let me know the products you use to make your skin shine during Spring!

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