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I am so excited (also slightly nervous) to be writing this post. As a plus size girl who has always had issues with her self confidence and body image, doing this post about style and clothing is daunting for me. I want to inspire other women who feel the same way as I do to get out and love their body. I have lost two stone since December and feel more confident than ever in the way that I look. I have a long way to go but I feel happy in the skin I am in.

These clothes are all from Yours Clothing, a company that sells some really beautiful plus size pieces including the four tops I am going to be showing you in this post. I believe all of these pieces are in the Yours limited collection so if you see something you like, buy as soon as you can!

I shop at Yours a lot and find the staff to be kind and helpful, allowing you to feel confident and relaxed as shopping for clothing can be quite a nerve wracking thing (it is for me!) I feel so empowered wearing their clothes and it allows me to wear clothing I love that fits well and feels amazing.

For me, style is about self and what you love to look good in. My style is simplicity. I love simple pieces that I can style up any way I want whether it's with jeans or skirts. Grey is a reoccurring colour (I have so much of it) but the tone really compliments me. I love wearing things that are comfortable and easy but that I can jazz up if I want to. These pieces from Yours are my perfect style.

I love this top so much (HUNGOVER TOP). It's my May staple really. It's quirky, chic yet totally simple and can be so versatile when it comes to styling. I has the words 'HUNGOVER' embellished in multi colours over the chest area which I think is so quirky and cool. I have worn this so much and the fact it is lightweight means I can wear it in summer and not overheat. The last photo has my dog in it. She snuck out of the house where we were trying to keep her cool just to get in this one picture. She loves the camera guys.

This blush pink cami (CAMI) is stunning. It's velvet which feels incredible. It has thin spaghetti straps that don't fall of the shoulder - pet peeve - and the colour is beautiful. I feel like it's such a simple piece but it looks like you make such an effort. I find it difficult to buy velvet tops that don't cling to my stomach too much and this one doesn't. It falls just as I want it to. I had to come down a size in this (from a 20 to an 18) as it is quite loose. The breathability is fantastic for summer. I style it up with a crop sleeve blazer from Primark.

I know what you are thinking. A jumper in summertime! I love this WEEKEND FEELINGS sweatshirt (JUMPER) due to it's lightweight feel. I had been looking for a sweatshirt for ages just to throw on through the colder days of summer - English weather is so unpredictable - and this one from YOURS is perfect. The sweatshirt has mesh inserts down the sleeves which allows me to feel cool but still be covered up and it adds style to a otherwise plain sweatshirt. I chose this for 'WEEKEND FEELINGS' because who doesn't love to weekend right?

My final tee is this one. It's perfect for summer and I also love a good pun. This GIN AND BEAR IT t-shirt (TEE) is such a staple and I have styled it up here with my burgundy Harrington jacket which is lightweight for the transition through to summer. It's such a great t shirt to throw on with a pair of jeans or shorts to go out in. I am a sucker for a good tee. Wearing this makes me feel incredibly confident and the material is so soft.

Ok, so that is the little haul I have for you from YOURS clothing. I hope you loved it. If you are a plus size woman and you are looking for some lovely summer pieces definitely check the store out because the staff are so friendly and you find some stylish items for the summer wardrobe. Just to reiterate these pieces are limited edition so get them as soon as you can if you want them, I have linked all items next to where I have spoken about them.

Thanks so much for reading guys and have a wonderful relaxed weekend.

Kate xx.

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