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Many of you may have heard me talk about Lewis my fiancée, but whilst walking the dog we realised we had never introduced him formally on the blog. This post is about our relationship and how we met, using good old fashioned tag questions (because who doesn't love a tag.)

A little bit about Lew.

L: Hi, I'm Lewis, Kate's better half. I'm 24 and I also live in Nottingham. Kate's mentioned me on here a couple of times and she wanted to introduce me. I am an engineer by trade. I have a cat called Pebbles and I love football. Kate's going to interview me for these questions. Feel free to ask anymore in the comments. Thanks.

1. Where did we meet?

L: I met Kate at the football, on a Saturday night in December. We both supported Nottingham Forest, so after the game a mutual friend introduced us. From there we started talking on Twitter and soon became good friends, talking every day. It wasn't love at first sight though, because Kate was extremely drunk.

K: It wasn't love at first sight for me either, because I couldn't see straight. I'm sure you looked very handsome.

2. Where was our first date?

L: CineWorld Nottingham. I took Kate to see the Lego Movie on Sunday 23rd February at 10am. I was so nervous and I didn't know if she'd come.

K: As soon as Lewis suggested Lego Movie I knew we were on the same wave length. It was such a nice day and we connected straight away.

L: Then we went back to mine and watched Lord of the Rings. Kate met my Dad on the first date. We ate McDonalds and talked for ages. Now, we often quote the Lego Movie to each other. "Everything is awesome." Kate sings it in her sleep sometimes.

K: I do, it's a great song.

3. When did you meet one another's family?

L: That was a long time ago. I think I met Kate's Dad at a football away game, in Sheffield. He made her jump behind her back at the turnstiles and I was very close to getting mad at him because I didn't know who he was. Kate quickly told me it was her Dad. I met Kate's mum the first time I came for dinner. I was quite nervous about meeting her Mum, but soon felt like one of the family.

K: I met Lewis' Dad on our first date. He was super nice and made me feel very welcome and made me a cup of tea. I met Lewis' mum the first time I stayed overnight and his Mama was there too so I quickly became part of the family. It was really nerve wracking though, because I thought they wouldn't like me.

4. How long have you two been together?

L: Too long.

K: He says that because he can't remember how long we have been together.

L: What year was it again?

K: He is now looking back at his calendar to work out how long it was.

L: We got together on the 27th February 2014, so we have been together four years in February 2018. Been engaged 6 months now. See, I did know.

K: These four years have been the best of Lewis' life.

5. What was our first road trip together?

L: Whitby. Where we got engaged. That was our first road trip together on our own. It was scary driving just the two of us, especially with Kate's lack of navigating skills. She can't read a map to save her life. Even when the Satnav told us which way to go, Kate sent us the other way.

K: I can't argue. It was the best trip I have ever been on, since we got engaged and it was very magical and heart warming. If you want to see our trip to Whitby click here

6. What is your favourite thing about one another?

L: Kate and I are very compatible so I like that she knows me inside and out. We like the same things, we enjoy the same television shows. We have our own language, really. I like that she makes me laugh; seriously she is so funny without even trying to be. I love her smile, even though she hates it. Kate is a very loving person so she supports me a lot.

K: My favourite thing about Lewis is his big heart. Lewis is so kind and generous to other people and lifts me up when I fall down. He makes me laugh a lot and always knows how to cheer me up. I like that he puts Christmas music on for me in November, even though I know he thinks it's too early. Lewis is a one of a kind person. He's very loyal and treats me very well. I'm very lucky.

L: Nodding.

K: He's also very modest. Love that.

7. When are you getting married and how did he ask you?

L: We are getting married on the 18th October 2019. Kate wanted an Autumn wedding, so we all have to freeze in the cold weather. It's very exciting and we are already start to book things. It can't come quick enough.

K: Lewis' proposal was very special. We walked up to Whitby Abbey at sunset and on top of the hillside he asked me to marry him. I had turned around to look over the cliffs and when I turned back around he was down on the floor, on one knee. I cried and it was all very emotional. We then rushed back down the hill to eat chips and ring our family. My Mum screamed and Lewis' Mama cried. It was such an exciting time.

L: Who said romance is dead?

So that is the end of the questions. I wanted you all to meet Lewis properly and find out a bit about him, because Lewis might be doing some posts of his own in the future on here. We have a very loving relationship and we are not just a couple but also best friends. Thanks for reading and leave any questions you might have in the comments.

Thanks. Kate (and Lewis.)

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