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It is finally here. The first day of Blogmas - I am so excited! Christmas is my favorite time of the year, not only for the wonderful food, the Christmas markets, the lights on the trees but also for celebrating with the entirety of my family. Also this month just helps me feel more uplifted in general, especially when Michael Buble's Christmas album is played full blast over my speakers. It's actually silly that I have been listening to Christmas music since August, but isn't it just the best?

I have took the decision to do Blogmas carefully. I started planning way back in October when I thought maybe I could do it, but working full time and with late hours, it seemed difficult to commit. However, here we are, fueled by caffeine and Christmas cheer I have caved and decided to do it and honestly, I cannot wait. Get ready for lots of festive posts!

For Blogmas Day One of the countdown to Christmas I have started with a good old classic: The Christmas Tag. You can't go wrong can you? A list of festive questions to kick start the festive season. Let me know your answers too! Also, if you are also doing Blogmas then good luck!

1.What is your favorite Christmas movie?

Watching movies with family and friends sat around the Christmas tree with blankets and treats is what I love to do most in December. I have SO many festive movies faves including ELF, Home Alone, The Snowman (classic) and The Grinch. However, a family tradition we have upheld for years now is to watch The Polar Express on Christmas Eve, with a pizza of course. The Polar Express is a wonderful movie all about the magic of Christmas and how you're never too old to believe. It's such a homely movie and makes me feel so excited for Christmas Day. 

2. Do you open your presents on Christmas Eve or Christmas morning? 

I had never heard of opening presents on Christmas Eve but apparently it happens. My parents were so strict about gifts when we were younger - no presents before Christmas Day. We would be sent up to bed before Santa arrived. Sometimes as a family we buy each other festive pajamas to wear on Christmas Eve whilst we watch films and chill but never any presents! It is strictly forbidden. It's nice to come down on Christmas morning and open them together. Trust me, even as a twenty two year old I get excited - especially for my Christmas morning cup of tea!

3. Do you have a favorite Christmas memory?

I do. I remember one year for Christmas I was bought an electric drum kit. My brother and I used to idolize a group called The Carpenters, a brother and sister duo. Karen played the drums and Richard played piano. On Christmas morning, when I unwrapped that bright plastic yellow drum kit, my brother and I rushed to play some Carpenters classics for my parents - not sure we did them justice. I distinctly remember feeling so grateful to my parents for buying it me - I also remember their horrified faces when I started playing it. 

4. Favorite festive food? 

The hardest question! I have so many! I would have to say roast potatoes or roast parsnips. Christmas is not complete without them. I suppose the entirety of roast dinner is my favorite. I love the smell of it drifting through the house on Christmas morning. Also, a slightly weird one, but Cranberry sauce is a fav. With a little bit of turkey, it's magical. 

5. Favorite Christmas gift?

Apart from the drum kit, I would have to say the year I received a Tamagotchi! I was never allowed pets when I was younger - it took me years to convince my Mum to buy even a guinea pig. So, it was nice to have something to look after and they were so much fun. I hear they are making a comeback this year, so keep your eyes peeled.

6. Favorite Christmas scent? 

Scents are such a big part of Christmas. Everything smells incredible. Candles are a must have at Christmas time and I revert back my old favorite : Christmas Eve by Yankee Candle. I have bought this candle for three years running now, mainly for the scent but also the long lasting qualities it possesses, so I can burn the wax all December long and don't need to keep re purchasing candles (even though, I still do!) General scents I love the smell of Christmas dinner, the smell of Christmas tree pines and the smell of my Mum's homemade Christmas cake which tastes amazing.

7. Do you have a Christmas Eve tradition?

The day time is mainly spent preparing the house for guests and family to come over. Setting the table for Christmas dinner, making sure the decor is all perfect and adding finishing touches. Then we get the board games ready for the nights festivities. About 5 o clock, we all change into our Christmas pajamas, normally fleece Primark ones and head to the lounge to settle down and watch The Polar Express with pizza and garlic bread and then of course chocolate. Quality Street are my all time favorite Christmas chocolate! 

8. What tops your tree? 

A gold wire star. Our tree is a fake tree as my Mum can't stand the pine needles dropping off all over the carpet and they are too much hassle - plus my dog eats them. Our tree is a looking a little worse for wear so anything heavy on top of the tree would cause it to topple. So we keep a small wire star on the top that I bought from T K Maxx and it has stood on top of our tree ever since. It's quite a stylish piece which contrasts with jumble of the decorations that go on our tree. (We don't do the color coordination thing - it's a mess!) 

9. As a kid what was the one present you always asked for but never received?

As a kid, my brother and I would go through a number of Christmas catalogues highlighting everything we would want for Christmas and hand it to our Mum to send off to the North Pole (how ungrateful were we.) One year I asked for a playmobile set that was a hospital. I loved playmobile when I was younger and a family friend had a whole dollhouse full of it and I guess I wanted one too. I didn't get the hospital, but I did get a neon pink barbie jeep so I was happy.

10. What is the best part about Christmas for you

Christmas is such a magical time full of fairy lights, hot chocolates and cosy nights beside the fire. I feel my best at Christmas. It's the excitement of the the build up, listening to Christmas music whilst wrapping piles of presents for family. It is seeing family members who I don't get to see very often and being able to share wonderful moments with them. It's the binge watching of Christmas films and the tasty foods that are readily available. I freakin' love Chrimbo! Above all else it's a time for reflection, a time to be grateful and totally happy. 

There we are! First day of blogmas is done! Wow, I still cannot believe that December is here and the exciting build up to Christmas has begun. Let me know what your favorites things are about Christmas and be sure to tag me if you do this tag so I can see all of your answers! 

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  1. I totally love your christmas jumper, it's hella cute!

    1. Thank you!! It's a Primark special I believe. They've got some lovely jumpers in there this year. :)

  2. Love this tag!! Definitely going to do it!

  3. I wasn't really feeling very Christmassy this year, but reading your answers to this has definitely put me in the festive spirit! I also just cannot wait for Christmas dinner, I wait all year for it haha!
    Beth x Adventure & Anxiety


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