Saturday, 2 December 2017


As the winter nights draw in and the days get shorter and colder, there is nothing I love more than a hot bath. Sinking beneath the water is such a comforting feeling after a day sat at my desk typing. I like to take some time for myself after a day of cold weather and stress.

Around Christmas time, Lush bring out there Christmas range. A range of festive favorites and some new festive goodies to add a little special sparkle to your Christmas time. Whether you like bath bombs or bath creams Lush has something for everyone and with such a wide range of scents and styles it's easy to get carried away online. I have four products from the Lush Christmas range, all of which I had never used before to review for you.

Christmas Sweater Bath Bomb | £4.50 each

Who doesn't love bath bombs, especially in Winter. Christmas sweater is a mixture of spicy and traditional Christmas scents, that disperse all around your bathroom leaving a warm and cosy space. You can definitely smell the ginger! It reminded me of Christmas baking, when we make gingerbread men. The magic happens once this begins to dissolve in the tub. Bright swirls of orange and pinks erupt and create beautiful art in the water. It is a real treat! Mulled wine in your bath! Skin is left soft and nourished and your pores feel so clean.

Christmas Eve Bubble Bar | £3.95 each

I actually chose this for the name 'Christmas Eve.' It sparked some excitement with the feeling on Christmas Eve night when we are all gathered around the tree, watching Christmas films by the fire. I am not a big fan of bubble bars simply because I prefer the effect of a bath bomb. However, this I love. Sometimes I am want bubbles in my bath other times I don't, but when I do I would definitely use this. I think Lush stocked this particular bar a while ago and it has returned this year and I am so glad I bought it. It is aesthetically beautiful. The scent is a love hate. It doesn't smell at all like a Christmas scent and does not have sweet undertones. It is not one of my favorites and is slightly average smelling compared to some of my favorites such as the Comforter, but it is relaxing and has a strange floral feeling. I would recommend this product for people who work late into the Christmas season. Put this in your bath and you will relax instantly - I think the Jasmin in this helps with that.

Tree-D Bath Oils | £4.50

I never use bath oils. Since my skin is already oily I have always felt it would fuel that more. However, I was reading up on this product online and loved the sound of it. A bath enfused with citrus oils; who could resist that. It was such a good investment. I adore this product. If you want soft skin that smells of Christmas, then get this product. Infused with tangerine and grapefruit, this is a winner for the festive period. This product is made with almond oil which instantly nourishes skin and leaves you feeling pampered. Swirls of greens and blues with glide on the water and the smells with instantly transport you away to a winter wonderland. This product is definitely worth the money.

Santa Baby Lip Scrub | £5.95

During Winter I feel we forget to nourish our lips. The cold weather, the central heating, the sipping of hot chocolate can lead to dry and sore lips which nobody wants. We all like to dig out our deep red lipsticks for Christmas and look great wearing them but we can't do that if we are chapped and crusty. Santa Baby lip scrub is the best lip scrub. The jojoba oil and the sugar inside the mixture thoroughly coats your lips removing all the dead skin, leaving lips soft and smooth. Perfect for kissing fiancees under the mistletoe! I love the scent and the consistency of the scrub. I know some scrubs can be too thick and leave trails of sugar in there wake but this product is brilliant. One of my favourites.

Day Two of Blogmas is done and dusted. Had so much fun shooting this and love the photos. Taking advantage of the fallen, orange and yellow leaves in my garden which have made everything so wintery. Loving the colours right now.

See you all tomorrow xo.

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  1. Oh my, I bloody love Lush! I need all of these!!! Also, these photos are fab!


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