Thursday, 7 December 2017


Over the past twelve months I have spent a lot of time getting to know myself and learning about myself. I suppose I have reinvented who I am and built myself up from feeling so low and alone to feeling confident, surrounded by lots of positive energy. A lot of that is down to the fact I have my self care routine which helps me to keep things around me under control enabling me to enjoy and live life.


Winter can be tough, especially when suffering from mental health troubles - like me. The dark days and the dark nights can lead us to feel drained and down. I personally find the weather comforting especially when all the Christmas lights come on and it feels so homely and cosy. I also love cold weather more than hot. It is important to indulge yourself over Christmas and do the things you love more. For me bath time is a time when I can light my candles, grab my favorite book and treat myself to some sort of bath product. Of course, Lush is a favorite of mine but I also love bath oils. I find they help to relax muscles and take the strain off the day. It is nice to let the day wash away and get out feeling rejuvenated. I always have a comfy pair of pajamas waiting for me once I am out. It's just a nice way to finish off the day.


Christmas is one big marketing campaign, with shops selling thousands of high priced products. Money has been a big worry for me over the years and led to me running up debt. Thankfully all is dandy with finances but Christmas is something I worry about. I set aside a certain amount of money for Christmas in a savings account allowing me to feel less stressed about Christmas and enjoy my time spent browsing the shelves of stores and buying things I know people will love.


I love chocolate, pizza and crisps. Comfort eating is something I have had trouble with since the age of thirteen when I was bullied at school. I have developed into a very emotional eater (something I am currently working on.) Having a plan for Christmas is important as it is so easy to over indulge. I do like a treat, not going to lie but it's when that gets too much. I have brought a journal so I can meal plan and write down exactly what I have eaten in a day. It just helps me to manage my eating but also lets me freely chose what I want. It's good to feel healthy over the festive months.

Days Out

When I am not at work I do like to plan days out over Christmas. This year I have been out and about more and attended some markets, parties and had lots of fun. For me, I get the lowest when I am alone and although I do like alone time I know spending time with friends and family is very healthy for me. Exploring new places, grabbing a hot chocolate and seeing friends add to the magic of December but also keep me grounded. It's very easy to get swept off your feet.

Mental health

Christmas is one of the times of the year where I feel most like myself. I feel the most me. I am a Christmas addict and throw myself into festivities. Mental health has been a constant struggle since the age of thirteen and it is something I have had to learn about and grow up with. I don't talk about it a lot because these days it's become almost fashionable to talk about it and I don't want it to come across that way. During winter I keep my mind steady. I love meditating and spend time doing this in the evenings - I have found it really helps to zone out for some time and reflect on what has happened. I have also been writing more, a passion of mine that is so important to me. Getting it down on paper in the form of a story or a poem has helped me dramatically.

Christmas is a time for togetherness, not just with others but in yourself. If you have any tips for self care please let me know and write in the comments.

See you tomorrow.


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