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Wow, this is so strange. I don't think I have sat down in front of a computer like this for some time to write a blog - crazy! It's good to be back though and good to feel motivated to begin blogging again. I thought i'd start back on here with a tag - taking it old school guys! Tags are a bit cliche but they do help to give you a bit of insight into the person you're reading about. I decided to do the kpop tag which I think a lot of my readers will appreciate. I think in the past three years things have really changed in the korean music scene and the whole market for kpop has become so expansive that it seemed fitting to do the tag now. Please feel free to take the questions and answer them yourselves! I'd love to hear and read your answers. 

Favourite solo artist? 

Easy, Chungha! I only started listening to Chungha in March last year but her voice is incredible. Her vibe and general aesthetic really appeals to me and I think her music is really catchy. I like that her songs are very modern and current but also hold the flavour of 'old' kpop that I really enjoy. She is also incredible funny, especially in her interview with Jessi (another favourite of mine.) 

Top Five Bias Groups?

Picking a top five is so difficult because I listen to so many groups with a variety of genres and styles. Obviously I have to start with BTS because they are unreal! The work ethic, vibe, writing talent and choreography is next level and nobody is doing it like them at the moment. Plus, they are absolutely hilarious. I don't have a bias (even though recently Jimin has been out to get me) as they are all unique and charming in their own way, something that has never happened to me with a group before! 

Second group would definitely be Mamamoo. I remember watching their debut in 2014 and thinking how different they were and the sound they made together was so perfect. They had their own flavour and didn't meet the normal 'beauty standards' that is often seen in the korean music industry and I really loved that. I identify so much with Hwasa and her 'fuck you' vibes to people who try to bring her down! The songs they bring out are so empowering and I feel like such a badass when I listen to them. It's amazing to see how they've developed as a group over the years! 

Third would be Shinee. Replay was such a big song when it came out and I remember loving it and dancing around my kitchen singing along! Onew has always been my bias and the vocals he and the other members produce are so beautiful. Even now, they are still performing such amazing songs and Taemin has really developed into a talented and artistic performer crossing a lot of boundaries and I am really proud of him and the other members. 

Fourth would be shared by TXT and Enhypen. Although I am new the groups, both have their own sound that is so current and exciting. Of course, being big hit groups their is the 'overshadowing' ideal to be 'as good as' BTS but I think they have become their own groups with their own sound and haven't conformed to that ideal a lot of people have set for them. My friends Megan and Lindsey introduced me to ENHYPEN and I can honestly say I was so shocked they were rookies - they are incredible and perform like seasoned proffesionals! Drunk Dazed is a jam please check it out! TXT have made their own mark on the industry with their colorful performances and incredible vocals. Blue Hour is one of my favourite songs released by any group, ever which for someone who has like kpop for sixteen years is a big thing! 

Fifth group has to go to Dreamcatcher! These ladies are so underrated it actually hurts me. They can sing, they can dance, they can rap, they can put on spectacular performances yet they don't seem to experience the same level of recognition and fame a lot of other female groups get. I would recommend checking them out - their covers are also next level. Boca is a great song to start with and then Odd Eye if you'd like to listen to some of their music. Hopefully they will be given the recognition they deserve soon! 

Do you ship anyone?

Apart from me and Namjoon, no. 

What fan groups do you identify with? 

I am very multi-fandom enjoying a number of groups in a number of genres. I would say I am definitely an ARMY and have met my best friends through supporting and listening to BTS' music. I am also a SNE and love Girls Generation a lot. I also see myself as an InSomnia, ENGENE, MeU, Midzy, Shawol, MOA and Cassiopeia. There are a lot more groups I enjoy listening to but maybe wouldn't see myself as involved in the fan side of things. It can be overwhelming sometimes! 

How did you get into KPOP? 

I had a friend at school who used to live in China and she showed me Super Junior's debut on my old dial up computer! I fell in love at first sight. From there I starting listening to a variety of groups and never looked back. These were before the days of youtube! Most of the videos we watched were streamed through Windows Media Player, Limewire or Dailymotion! Life was such a struggle. I got my first album in 2009 - Girls Generation! 

Do you know how to speak Korean? 

I am by no means the BEST at Korean. I am starting to study it with my friends on Sundays but my speaking is very limited. I could probably introduce myself and hold a conversation and not get lost in Seoul! I have noticed that when I watch Korean television now I don't need the subtitles for everything they are talking about and can pick out certain words or phrases which is good! I can sing along to Korean songs though - that part is no problem. 

Have you been to any KPOP concerts? 

I have been to one concert since becoming a kpop listener! Super Junior, Super Show 4 in Paris on April 6th 2012 at the Zenith de Paris. I was in a sapphire blue ocean of 7000 other ELF's (fan club name) and we had the greatest night ever! I don't think I have cried that much before. It felt so surreal. KPOP had been such an important part of my life and I had used it as a crutch through some really hard and emotional times in my life. To see SJ dancing and singing in front of my eyes and to be in the arena with other people who understood me and loved the same thing I did, that was the best moment. Every nationality, every religion, every creed, every sexuality all came together in that room and it was all love! I have never experienced anything like that; except my wedding day maybe! I had tickets to see Big Bang but couldn't go unfortunately and I also had tickets for BTS at Wembley both Saturday and Sunday but I was really ill at the time and had to cancel which honestly broke my heart. I'm hoping they come back one day! 

Do you have any KPOP merch? 

All my merch at the moment is BTS. I have two army bombs, photocards, fourteen albums, twelve posters, two DVDs, three hoodies and a beautiful necklace from Daydream Design UK where you can get beautiful photocards, necklaces, earrings and keyrings in a range of designs and at such an affordable price. I love having merch that is exclusive and different and of course supporting small business is really important. A lot of fans have their own shops so Etsy and Depop are a great place to start for merch! 

Do you watch variety shows? 

I used to be obsessed with Star King and Star Golden Bell when they were on back in the day! Nowadays I watch Run BTS most weeks. I also love to rewatch Shinee's Hello Baby and some of the We Got Married episodes but apart from that I am not big into them. However, I have enjoyed Jessi's interviews that she does with idols - especially the Heechul one which made me cry with laughter. 

Top three biases?

As I mentioned I don't have a bias from BTS - maybe Jimin - I don't know! So I can't chose a BTS bias. I'd say Yeonjun from TXT, Yuri from SNSD and Amber from F(x) 

What was the first kpop song you immediately liked upon hearing? 

Replay by Shinee. Although I listened to Super Junior, DBSK, CSJH and more Replay was the first song that when it came on I immediately got goosebumps and started bopping along! It's such an amazing beat with beautiful lyrics and dancing. It seemed so fresh and new at the time and whenever it comes on now I feel so nostalgic and happy! 

A KPOP group you really don't like or don't want to give a try? 

There are two that come to mind - NCT and EXO. Both of these groups have never been on the radar for me. For starters they both have so many members in sub groups and seperate groups and different versions of songs. One minute they are promoting the next moment their not and I get so confused! The songs all sound generic and as much as I have really tried to listen there is nothing about either group that sparks any excitement or enjoyment! I think EXO has a couple of songs that I like - The Eve, Artificial Love and My Lady but I can't think of a single NCT song I have liked. It's not a 'I hate them' thing as I think they are both super talented groups who work very hard but the music just isn't for me right now! Who knows, maybe one day I will love them! 

Who is your least favourite idol?

I don't think I have one. I don't tend to judge people I don't know and since I have never met any idols in person and had a one on one conversation with them I honestly can't judge. I think idols have these aura about them that they are perfect and don't have flaws but I don't think you really know a person until you get to know them. I try not to judge anyone or make any assumptions until I have met them! 

Do you listen to solo artists as much as groups? 

No. I'd say 75% of the music I listen to is groups. The rest for the solo acts. Chungha, Jessi, Hwasa, RM, AGUST-D that kind of thing! I try to listen to an eclectic mix but I guess I spend more time with groups and getting to know their personalities etc. 

What has been your favourite comeback of the year? 

So far...Butter. STREAM BUTTER!!! No honestly, it's a funky tune with a groovy beat and I am here for it. It's so new and different and makes me crave summer sunshine! I also loved Taemin's comeback with Advice - his live concert was beautiful too! I'd also say Chungha - Dream of You. If you haven't heard it, you need to, it's a bop! 

What is your least favourite concept/era from your favourite group?

BTS - I'd probably say the N.O era? I didn't hate it but it doesn't stand out as the most iconic and didn't hold the same artistry and visual points that the later music videos and lyrics have. 

Shinee - Ring Ding Dong. Just not my favourite and the styling was a bit frantic! 

Who was your first ever bias in the KPOP industry? 

Lee Donghae. Super Junior. 

Which company is your favourite? 

None of them really. They all have good points and they all have bad points. I don't really support the way some labels treat their artists. 

Which group would you want to work with in real life? 

I am a writer so definitely BTS. I'd love to have insight into their writing process and see how they become inspired or bounce ideas of each other when creating music. It would just be really interesting and fun. I want to learn from Namjoon and the other members about writing lyrics that make a difference and mean something to someone that would be cool! It would also be hysterical! 

Thanks for reading through the tag to the end! You made it! You're awesome. This was just a little taster post to see how things went, if people would read and comment and just to ease myself back into writing and having fun with it. I am hoping to do some more posts on KPOP in the near future, particularly with BTS and so much amazing news coming from them right now!! I am also planning to launch my podcast soon which is scary but exciting! I will post about that in due course. 

You can follow me on my twitter. I believe my links are at the top of this page! Until then, take care, stay safe, spread love and stream Butter! 




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Hah I couldnt pick a bias from BTS either!

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Really good read, interesting to hear about other kpop artists and bands as for myself am a fairly new listener. Also agree with BTS bias dont have one but each member has tried to summon me at some point haha especially this recent Butter comeback :)

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Haha! I think we have all been through the members trying to become our bias! Glad I’m not the only one that has issues choosing one haha! Thanks for reading! 💓

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