Saturday, 28 January 2017


Ok, so this is the scariest blog post I have ever done for me personally. Sharing my own work is one of the things I have really struggled with doing during university and prior to that but the only way to gain feedback and gain a backbone is by putting it out there no matter how good or bad you perceive it to be.

I have decided to post some of my poems that I have been working on over the past three - four years that have a special meaning to me. I wont be writing what the poems are about because people can interpret them differently. It means a lot to me to be sharing these and some of them hold significant meaning to me. Thank you for reading.

Clawed fists flex from under blanketed covers
Eyes blink against newfound lights
A wrinkle of a nose
Senses new take ground.  
Throat ripping cry from a tiny form
Cradled within the arms of its creator
Rocked to and fro in a mother’s arms,
Sleep dwindles, movement no more.
Yet still you grip your mother’s finger.


Flashes of crystallised light, fall from opaque havens
Where the sky falls away from the earth
Into an ocean of nothing.
Mystical moon, no light in its crust
That swings, puppet on a string
In an abyss of dark where no life exists.
Amethyst skies, flaked with crystal dots
Like paint splattered on a canvas
No reasonable explanation for its construction
But creating its own destruction.
Twirling planets, waltzing beautifully
Through bands of the galaxy.
Lake of flowers, like beads on the sea swirl
Around the blistering light of the biggest star to heat our skies.
Who said destruction could not be exquisite?



Freckled flakes corrupt
Green rushes of our existence
Plaguing cobbled streets
Footprints brand ivory sheets
Of markings unseen under
Golden lamplight. 
Robin sing from your leaves,
Trees coated in frosted
Specks, shivering rustles
Through ancient branches
Like fingers, rolling up into
Their delicate bodies.  
Pillars of rock, transformed
Creaking of earthly structures
Nights draw darker, earth
Exterior rattles the
Sun no longer.  
Lights twinkle, infrastructure
Trudges, the factory of life,
Producing festive cheer, whilst
Nature falls into slumber,
And the night embraces
This abyss of white.



Judith said...

These are lovely. I especially £Winter, it captures the season and makes you look closely at it differently - not just a pretty-as-a-card view, but with a mean underside hiding in the picture-perfect snow.

kateleaht said...

Thank you very much.

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