Wednesday, 24 May 2017


Good morning everyone. It's a beautiful sunny Wednesday and I am uploading my final instalment of my stay in Whitby. I am back in Nottingham now (a big step away from the beauty of waves and cliffs I can assure you) but I had the most wonderful weekend with my now fiancée Lewis. It was completely magical and it gave us some time to relax and revitalise after stressful months beforehand.

Whitby is a beautiful little town, filled with coffee shops, book shops, fish and chips and lots of seagulls. More than that it has so much energy, around every corner and down every little side street.
It is a happy place with music and laughter. I absolutely love it.

My Mum and Dad bought us the holiday as our Christmas present last year so we were very grateful for the time spent away from home. We stayed with a company called Shoreline Cottages and stayed at Quayside Cottage which was right along side the harbour wall and overlooked the beach and the sea. We have stayed with the company before in Whitby but hadn't seen this particular cottage. It's stunning, with modern décor and a cosy atmosphere fit for two people.

The cottage was right in the centre of town, near the steps up to the abbey on the hillside so everything was in reach. We visited a lot of different places including the abbey itself, the pier that stretches out far into the ocean and has a lighthouse on it and we also frequented all the old fashioned sweet shops that sold cinder toffee and lots of stick rock.

Whitby will forever hold a place in my heart now as on Saturday 20th May, Lewis got down on one knee and proposed to me at the Abbey at sunset. It was what I had always dreamed and the ring he got me was elegant and flawless. I was so shocked but so incredibly happy. Our relationship is something I treasure and I am very lucky to have him in my life to support and guide me.

Our last day was spent perusing shop windows, eating ice cream by the harbour and drinking wine to celebrate our engagement. It was perfect.

Being back home is a wake up to the reality of everyday life. When you are by the sea you somehow get lost in the sound of the waves and the tranquillity of the wind. Nottingham is home and will always be but a little part of me lives in Whitby now.

Kate xx.

SIDE NOTE: This blog post was scheduled to go up yesterday (Tuesday 23rd May) but after the horrendous attack in Manchester I didn't feel it appropriate to upload. I would firstly like to send love and prayers to everyone involved. We stand with you arm to arm in solidarity against this wicked evil. For those who have experienced the darkest of losses we can only extend our love to you and all of our thoughts are with you in this terrible time. These people want to change our everyday lives, make us scared and feel isolated and take away our freedom. We cannot let them achieve their aims. We must stand strong together and spread love and understanding over the next few months. Love one another, hug those you love tighter and start everyday positively.

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