Friday, 26 May 2017


I AM A GRADUATE GUYS. I cannot believe it. I got all my final results today and got amazing grades that I wasn't really expecting. It made me super emotional when my final one came through in the middle of a crowded restaurant and my Mum was sat there crying. Oops. I am so pleased though and totally thrilled that things turned out the way they did.

University has been a big deal for me. It has been a long three years of learning, growing and developing both personally and educationally. I leave university as a woman who knows her craft and knows herself. I am hoping to upload a small section of the work that I worked on this uni year to show you all, especially those who are thinking of doing a Creative Writing degree; I would recommend it.

Sheffield Hallam is a wonderful community with a diverse range of people and subjects. It's a beating heart filled with noise and colour. I have loved every moment spent within the walls of the buildings that make up the uni. I have been surrounded by wonderful lecturers who shared their own craft with us and who helped me embrace who I am and supported what I wanted to write. I have never felt alone with my work and have always been able to contact tutors for support and guidance or just a confidence boost.

The final year has been the hardest of my life but also the most wonderful. I have made life long friendships and have produced work I have never done before that is advanced and completely out of my comfort zone. It feels so incredible to sit here and know I made it to the end and I did better than I could have imagined, achieving a 2:1 degree. It's brilliant and I am thrilled.

Kate. xx

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