Sunday, 21 May 2017


I started dating Lewis on the 27th February 2014 after he took me to see the Lego movie (I knew he was the one for me.) Lewis is one of a kind. He's compassionate, strong, caring, loving and warm. I am very lucky that he has spent the past three years supporting me, protecting me and holding me up when I wanted to fall. He's the kindest man I know and my love for him is unending.

The three years I have spent with Lewis have been incredible. I've grown and matured so much and learnt so much about myself all with him by my side. There has been tough times where he put an arm around me and kept me going and there have been such happy times which we celebrate together.

On Saturday 20th May, Lewis and I ventured up to the sprawling headland of Whitby (where we are staying on our holidays) to see the sunset and explore the abbey on the hillside at night. It was quiet, fresh and absolutely stunning. It was there, when I was lost in the tranquillity of it all that Lewis got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. I was so surprised but completely overwhelmed. I didn't know I could be even happier than I already was.

As you can imagine, there were tears hence the emotional snap Lewis caught of me (before and after the news) but I am so in love with Lewis and it was easy to say yes. The ring is beautiful and dainty and fits perfectly.

It seems so strange but you do feel different. To go from girlfriend to fiancée it does have some weight to it and I spent many hours just getting used to the new status. I am so thankful that he asked me and thankful for our beautiful relationship.

Thank you for the wonderful messages that have been left on twitter for me. It's brilliant to share the news and enjoy this moment together.

Lots of love,

Kate. xx

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