Thursday, 2 March 2017


Recently I have been feeling all nostalgic. I finish uni in under three months (officially) and I will be at my graduation in November. I was trawling through my uni files getting ready to delete some stuff off an already maxed out computer when I came across some of my first year poetry. I realised how much I have grown as a writer, how my understanding of words and using them has improved and how much darker my personality is now. (Some of the stuff I write now is just sad.)

I thought I would share them with you, more as a reminder to myself that improvement comes with hard word and dedication and moving on to new things can be just as great a journey as this one has been. I hope you enjoy them and laugh along with me.

You were tiny, wrapped in blankets, your skin
like tissue paper, so fragile and broken but your
eyes looked on regardless, inquisitive.
We prayed for you, for so many nights, wishing
you could come home to us, and so many tears shed
over your bedside, as you clutched your brown teddy bear.
You had tiny fingers, all wrinkled and pale, which clutched onto
my hand, gripping. That was the proudest moment of my life.
Lost in sleep, like an angel you slept, until the daylight roused you, the trials beginning over again.
So brave, to overcome so many odds. Pale skin turns to pink, eyes widen,
and a tiny cry fills the room.
You were a miracle, a tiny miracle. The smallest things in life bring the most joy.

 The Dream (A Sonnet)
Daylight fades beyond the distant clouds
I close my eyes and think of you
Your eyes alive within a daydreaming crowd
My heartstrings scream, where you cut through
We dance all night, to a corpses lament
You are so close yet so very far
Fingers entwined, your back is bent
As I lay you down, like a fallen star

I kiss your skeletal face slowly
Like blossom, the world falls away
A tears falls from your eyes lowly
I cling hoping you would stay
The sunshine breaks beyond the horizon of the callous trees
I awake upon a forgotten, summer’s breeze.

Never Ending Road (Ballad)

I look to the road from whence I walked
Though my feet may not turn back
The trees grow old, as slumber fell
Leaves their branches lack

The snow along the mountains edge
Fell deeply to its death
A dark and lonely trek thus far
I take my final breath

A light grows from the darkness of the forest
It captures my hearts delayed beats
Through the thick dense abyss I see her there
She’s golden, pale and sweet

I remember her now, though a dream she may be
One need not know her name
Her smile could illuminate a thousand stars
I look upon her with shame

Suddenly, she grows cold, she belongs here not
My hands reach to hold her frame
The light fades away and she runs from me
I stand as the road begins again.

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