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If there is one season that defines me as a person it is autumn. Although I am a Christmas fanatic and love the chilly mornings of winter, autumn is a time of renewal for me. My old leaves fall off ready for rejuvenation and calm. I suppose autumn is the time of year where I feel most comfortable both in my environment and as a person. It's also the time where I am the most creative with my writing - I write so much poetry in autumn, it's silly.

There is no better feeling than pulling your cosiest jumper out from the back of the wardrobe and wrapping up warm against the frosty weather. Even now as we speak I am wearing a fleecy pyjama set from Primark - love it. Watching the trees change from green, to orange, to brown. Drinking anything pumpkin spiced. Buying soft cosy blankets. I love autumn.

I have seen the Autumn Tag flittering around the internet and felt compelled to do it because of my love for the season. Answer the questions yourself, let me know your favourite thing about autumn. I know a lot of people really don't like the cold weather leaving but for me, it is the best time of year.

What is your favourite autumnal lip colour?

Autumn is the time of year wear I bring out my berry tones and my deep reds. I think a darker lip shade compliments the changing colours of the season so well. The Rimmel Lasting Finish Matte by Kate Moss collection is a stunning range of lipsticks, with a beautiful matte finish (perfect for cold winter days.) I love shade 107 which is a deep plum colour that looks stunning for any autumnal occasion. It also stays on for an unprecedented amount of time. I wear this colour around the end of November when autumn is just coming to a close. All time fav.

What is your favourite autumnal nail colour?

In autumn, I usual stick to earthy tones for my nails with either browns, reds or navy blues making an appearance. My favourite colour is definitely Sprint Finish from the Barry M Speedy Quick Dry range. It's perfect for nights out, family meals and for day to day autumnal goings on. The deep colour is rich and as the name suggests it dries before your eyes. Love this product.

Favourite autumnal drink?

My favourite autumnal drink without any doubt is a Skinny Mocha. I am so plain and boring I know, but to be honest it is my all time favourite drink and as much as pumpkin spiced everything is fabulous I just prefer to stick to old boring me. In my local town there is a café called Metro where they do all sorts of fruit drinks and smoothies. They do the best mocha I have ever tasted and it makes me so happy when I get to sit in there with a coffee and read a good book.

What is your favourite autumnal candle?

The Baylis and Harding Jojoba, sick and almond oil candle is perfect for autumn. It is a mixture of fresh scent and spices and when it burns in my bedroom it makes everything smell like autumn. If you buy the three wicked candle it burns for such a long time and can last the entirety of autumn.

What is your favourite autumnal accessory?

Cable knit jumpers - need I say more?

Haunted house or scary maze?

Neither I am so bad with anything remotely scary. My brother and I watch horror films together and I watch them from behind a huge cushion, jumping at any sound that is made and then not being able to sleep for three weeks due to being so scared. I am getting better with it but there is no way I could walk through a scary house or maze and feel like someone was chasing me - that would be too much!

What is your favourite thing about Autumn?

Autumn really is a special time of year, when the trees are changing and the ground it littered with leaves and everything feels so fresh and bright. I have many favourite things I love to do. Walking my border collie through the park and watching her play in the leaves that have fallen down. Drinking coffee outside wrapped up in many layers. Watching the sun go down earlier than usual. Bringing out my favourite jumpers whether they be cable knit or turtle neck. Transitioning my make up to fit the season and bringing out the berry tones. Watching fireworks being set off into the night sky. Finally, my favourite thing about autumn is November and the countdown to Christmas. Christmas is my ultimate festivity and autumn is the countdown to the celebrations.

What is your favourite thing about autumn? I hope you enjoyed this fun little tag. I did! I hope you have all had a wonderful season filled with lots of wonderful things. The countdown to Christmas is now on for me.

A little update that I am doing Blogmas this year - super excited!! I can't wait to share some festive posts with you and get in the mood for the holidays!

Kate xx


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