Tuesday, 24 October 2017


Hello. Hola. Bonjour.

Autumn is here (finally.) The leaves are turning shades of burnt orange, sunset red and rusty brown. The air is colder, with a crisp breeze hitting my face when I leave for work in the morning. Wrapping up in a scarf and huddling into my winter coat adds to the cosy feeling of autumnal days. Autumn for me brings about a fresh start, a clean canvas on which to paint and a chance to look back over the past five months. It is my favorite season and a time where I feel most at peace with myself and my surroundings.

June was the last time I posted to this blog, amidst the excitement of becoming engaged and graduating from university. After that I needed time. Time to think, time to enjoy the celebrations and time to spend a few months getting my feet back on solid ground and setting up my future.

These five months have been both the best and the worst for different reasons. Stepping away from social media allowed me to re-evaluate what was important in life and lay some foundations down. A lot has happened which has impacted on me in different ways, including getting a brand new job. I thought I would update you on some of the things that have happened over the past five months.

Turning 22. A whole year of being 21.

On the 24th June I turned 22 years old. My family and family friends planned me a garden party with lots of BBQ food and cocktail making sessions. I had bunting and fairy lights and it was all very magical. I think most of the guests had one too many Woo Woo's and ended up dancing round the garden doing the conga at 12am. I felt very loved and content for the whole day and really felt lifted by those that mean most to me.

A wonderful day at my little sister's wedding.

On the 15th July 2017, my beautiful little sister Becky married her fiancée Simon. It was a personal, meaningful ceremony (I cried) followed by a stunning, happy reception where we drank wine, danced to old tunes and chatted the night away. Seeing my sister so happy and full of contentment was such a beautiful thing and seeing the way the two of them were as a couple was so heart-warming.

It was also my first experience of being a bridesmaid. The dress was a washed lavender, Grecian style and was perfect for a summer wedding, especially when the sun came out and illuminated the sky. I felt very proud to stand by my sisters side and be a part of a very special and personal day.

Holiday to Nerja, Spain.

Nerja is a beautiful area of Spain on the Costa del Sol. I was lucky enough to be invited to go away with Lewis' side of the family. It is a less touristy area than say Benalmadena and Benidorm but near enough to Malaga to not feel isolated. Nerja is up in the mountains, surrounded by traditional Spanish apartments, towering palm trees and incredible rock formations. The warmth from the sun was a welcome retreat from the usual dreary weather we receive in the UK.

We had two weeks in Nerja from the 19th August - 2nd September and spent most of the time lounging around the pool, attempting to not burn by piling on mounds of SPF 50 sun cream. (You can notice the Brits when you go away!) I needed the stress free environment to calm the nerves that had come from the months obtaining my degree and the exhaustion that had gathered up in my mind.

During our two weeks we spent time exploring the little shops and the sprawling beaches of the Costa del Sol, went on a catamaran boat trip in Benalmadena, saw a Dolphin show where the beautiful creatures jumped out of the water like gymnasts and spent time chatting together as a family. After our engagement in May, it was nice to spend some time celebrating with Lewis' family.

Malaga is like a city that isn't a city. It's traditional but modern and has a lot of rich history including an old fort on the hillside that overlooks the city and the bullring. It is a beautiful area of Spain.

I got a new job.

After months of worrying over whether I would get a job following my three years completing my degree I heard back from my first interview I did. I had got the job! I have never felt more proud of myself and felt accomplished. It was such a relief to feel that sense of security, to feel that I had managed to secure something that will help to fund my wedding and buying a new house. Suddenly everything felt possible and the life I want feels in reach.

I am incredibly pleased to be back to blogging after some time away sorting myself out, living life instead of being absorbed in social media and securing a future for myself and Lewis. I am planning to kick start my blogging again. I finally feel on my way to being happier and brighter.

Kate. xx
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